What to do to maintain the interest to PULLER

(1) Don’t leave the dog alone to play with PULLER – use PULLER for exercises only. After all, if the subject is permanently accessible to the dog, it’s no longer interested than it was before.

(2) As you work with PULLER, try to make it a little harder for the dog, and it’s going to be an interest in PULLER and, most importantly, to develop the dog. For example, throw PULLER rings alternately in different direction. During the dog’s jump, you walk back a little bit to make the dog do more efforts. During the pulling, you can spin the ring a bit to get the dog to hurt your neck.

(3) Try to give the dog the larger size of PULLER. For example, if the dog is big, he’ll like PULLER Maxi.

(4) After training with PULLER, it’s recommended that you complete the lesson before the dog is completely tired or the game is bored. So the next time the dog starts to take a lead, because he will remember its positive impression from the previous day.

The key to the success of any occupation, including PULLER, means the dog to be interested. In this case, the lesson is much more successful and efficient.