Do you think you can teach only the young dog?

Let us take a look at recent studies on the influence of age on the dog’s ability to learn.

The dogs were divided into five age groups. They were taught to use the touchscreen so that they could choose a specific picture among other images. The dogs were rewarded if they picked the right image. After practice, if the dog was wrong about the choice, the noise was made and the screen became red.

Six months later, a retest was conducted to determine that the dogs had been remembered after training.

What did the research show?

In fact, young dogs are studying faster than adults.

But the long-term memory of the dog is independent of age; More mature dogs resemble the young ones.

What does that say?

There’s no doubt that it’s never too late to teach a dog.

And the old dog can be taught new tricks, but the puppies are studying faster!