5 Errors in training your dog swimming

So let’s start teaching the dog to swim-no mistakes!

(1) Negative emotions if the dog can’t swim. If we are angry, it’ll worsen the situation and make the dog feel even more uncomfortable near the water.

(2) There’s too little time to learn. Some people expect their dog to learn to swim from the first attempt. But, like humans, most dogs take some time to get into the water before they start swimming.

(3) Staying ashore, trying to convince the dog to swim. If the owner doesn’t go into the water, it’s unlikely that the dog will feel safe in the water.

(4) Shouting or scolding your dog when he shakes the water off or jumps on them after he has left the water.

5) Throw, drag or push the dog into the water. It could scare the dog and make it suspicious of the owner and the water.