Innovation and the Olympic movement in dog sport

COLLAR company will be the partner and organizer of the Dog Olympics, scheduled to be held immediately after the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan (24 July-9 August 2020).

This decision has been made within the official meeting of Association of zoobusiness of Japan of Animal Pic and delegation of the COLLAR company as ancestor of DOG PULLER – new, but already popular sport around the world for dogs. In addition to the representatives of COLLAR, more than 30 representatives of the Japanese zoo industry and the substantive associations participated in the meeting.

In addition to the Agreement on strategic interaction and the joint engagement of new partners, it was decided to include DOG PULLER in the sports program of the Olympic Games for dogs, along with such subjects as frisbee, agility and freestyle (Dancing with Dogs).

Yuri Sinica (CEO of COLLAR), Varvara Petrenko (President of the International DOG PULLER Federation), and Sergei Shkot (Vice president of the International DOG PULLER Federation) presented the Ukrainian side.

“We stand on the threshold of the historic event whose importance cannot be overemphasized.” I’m absolutely certain that the Olympic Games will be the regular event in the world of canine sports. In return, we undertake this project with enthusiasm and we invite the leading world companies to cooperation of the zooindustry wishing to join so large-scale action”, – Yury Sinitsa, the head of the Ukrainian delegation has said.