Dog as a drug

Older persons should be prescribed to have a dog so that their way of life becomes more active.

Researchers at Cambridge University and the University of Eastern England have found that the presence of a dog in the house, as well as walking with it, is one of the most effective ways of defeating the decline in mature activity.

More than 3000 older persons participated in the study. They wore an accelerometer, a small electronic device that measured the level of their physical activity for seven days.

The studies found that domestic animal owners were active on average 30 minutes longer in the day, exceeding the expectations of the researchers. They also found that those who engage in daily walks with the dog are less susceptible to adverse weather conditions, and their physical activity rates are 20 per cent higher than those with no pets. Researchers have argued that physicians should be encouraged to have a dog in order to increase their level of physical activity. Then they’ll go for a walk in any weather, and their mood and feeling will improve considerably.