PULLER and swimming

If your dog is happy to work with PULLER, it’ll be easy to swim.

For starters, remember: Never press or drag a dog into the water. So you just win the dog’s desire to swim, and she’s going to have a well-founded fear of water.

First, start games with PULLER on the shore. It’s desirable that the coast of the reservoir will be flat. Continue the games at the edge of the water so that the dog is insensibly in the process of catching PULLER running on water.

Then you can jump after the PULLER in the shallow water, and play with the dog again in the “pulling.” And so, by playing and leading the dog, you can teach it to be in the water.

When you reached the stage of fearless entrance into the water by a dog, go deeper so that the dog should already get his paws off the bottom and swim. Praise the dog for every action it has performed. And even if something didn’t work out for her today, it’s going to be tomorrow.

Finish your workouts always on the positive. Only after the dog is free to swim in the shallow water, you can start throwing PULLER on small distances from the shore. But don’t rush to throw the projectile right away. A dog can be scared of the depths,  perhaps, you should reach the PULLER.