The working off of the command "Come"?!

Have you tried using PULLER as an motivator to work off the command “Come”?

Of course, PULLER can and should be used as bait!

When you work on the calling of dog, you can start by depicting that you want to play with the dog with PULLER. When she runs, take the dog in the right position (in front of you or on the left side of the leg), praise it, and then encourage it with “pulling” or “jump” exercise. Such working off can be repeated for fixing several times.

If the dog is motivated enough to work with PULLER, then you can run the command “Come” several times without a bonus exercise, and then encourage her to play with PULLER.

At the same time, while you are calling dog to yourself using PULLER, you need to move constantly away from your dog.

Good luck, and we wish your dog enjoy the communicating with you and we wish you his obedience.