Does your dog have excess weight?

To understand that a dog has overweight, it’s just enough to examine it. To find the perfect weight you can, for example, at a veterinary clinic, weighing the dog on special weights.

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Dog as a drug

Older persons should be prescribed to have a dog so that their way of life becomes more active.

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Winter is close. Are you ready with your dog?

✔ The dog’s place in the apartment.

Remember, the dog’s place must be permanent, and it’s not going to take one season to organize it. Make the beast not too soft but a convenient place. Try to place it at an altitude of 15-20 cm from the floor, away from the heating appliances and electrical cords. Notice that there are no drafts.

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Running regularly with your pet

It’s a great way to keep you in good shape, and for a dog, it’s a vitally needed load. But there are some important rules to follow.

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Trainings in the summer

✅ In summer, in hot weather, dog owners need to be very cautious about trainings for their pets.

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