PULLER MAXI — the largest of all range PULLER and that is remarkable — only 1 ring in the set .

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Mini or Midi?

If you choose the size of PULLER, you must consider the age, activity level, nature, and, of course, the size of the dog.

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Does everyone can teach the dog to jump with PULLER?

Of course, you can teach jumping to any dog, even if she doesn’t want to jump, or she’s “not interested”!

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Why do the dogs like the "pulling" game ?

Don’t deprive your dog of the pleasure of the game in PULLER-pulling, because “pulling” is a manifestation of the basic instinct of the dog’s prey.

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Why are there TWO rings in the set?

Is one of them spare? No. The second isn’t the spare. PULLER was specifically created as a set of two rings.

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