The best form of training projectile for your dog

Do you know what form of training projectiles are most appealing to dogs❓

We find the answer in research (Wallis, Lisa, Viranyl, Z, et al. 2016) when the dogs were to learn to use touchscreen to choose the image that you specified among the other pictures.

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The working off of the command "Come"?!

Have you tried using PULLER as an motivator to work off the command “Come”?

Of course, PULLER can and should be used as bait!

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PULLER and swimming

If your dog is happy to work with PULLER, it’ll be easy to swim.

For starters, remember: Never press or drag a dog into the water. So you just win the dog’s desire to swim, and she’s going to have a well-founded fear of water.

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Support Dog activity at home

Often, at the phrase “trainings with dog,” we are in most cases representing the walk out of the house.

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Why does the dog refuse to do it?

If the dog doesn’t want to execute commands during the occupations, you shouldn’t despair. Many factors can influence the willingness of the dog to be actively involved.

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