Select of PULLER for the puppy

The size of PULLER is chosen so that the puppy can easily capture the ring with his mouth. As the puppy grows, the size of the shell will also change, “grow” with the puppy. You don’t have to work with small rings all the time.

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Introduction to PULLER

✅ The owner of the dog sits on the floor (or any other non-slippery surface), takes the shell and calls- attracts the attention of the puppy.

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Trainings of puppy with the tool?

A puppy can be taught to PULLER almost at any age at the beginning of his life in your home.

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Even the smallest dog always stays a dog

And “nothing dog’s is alien to her”: to play and even perform the variety of commands or tricks.

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The novelty PULLER MICRO – a special tiny tool which is suitable for puppies from age of 4 weeks.

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