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Due to its size PULLER Maxi is rather universal and it will be pleasant not only for dogs of large and giant breeds, but even for dogs of average breeds. As practice shows, PULLER Maxi is pleasant especially to terriers like Bull, for joint pulling including. PULLER Maxi is used for “hanging”, “pulling” by few dogs, “swimming”. These exercises are actively working on groups of muscles of the jaws and neck. You can also use PULLER Maxi for exercises that apply to all other PULLER sets of two rings: “Run”, “Jump”, “Pulling”. In this case, you must use two rings of PULLER maxi. Very often, the owners of large breeds dogs are using for training the set of PULLER Standard and PULLER Maxi, which allows to maximize the variety of training.

PULLER Maxi made up for pulling of 2 dogs?

As practice shows, PULLER Maxi can be used in a variety of ways.  Of course, thanks to the unique format, it’s convenient for dogs to pull PULLER Maxi. But it can also be used for full training and the complete set of exercises.  Many dogs derive a lot of pleasure and passion from trainings with Maxi.  It’s only necessary to use two Maxi shells. It’s also worth considering that many dogs are particularly fond of doing swimming with Maxi, because it floats above the surface of the water more than Standard, and has the unique form that is particularly convenient for capture.

PULLER Maxi for Spring pole?

If your skill of use of PULLER has reached the level of the pro, and you are confident in excellent physical shape of your pet, then it’s worth beginning exercises with PULLER Maxi for Spring pole. It’s worth taking into account that it’s important to comply with all security measures, carefully spin PULLER and must be on the flat surface, preferably on the ground or sand.

Whether it's possible to replace Standard by Maxi?

Really, PULLER Maxi is on sale not in a set format from two rings but as one training shell. However it doesn’t mean that by using one of Maxi it’s possible to execute all exercises and to train your dog fully.  If your pet prefers Maxi more than Standard, you still should buy the second ring and start the full trainings. Otherwise, one ring is just a game and distraction.

The maximum weight of the dog holding Maxi?

PULLER Maxi is a unique training shell, its form, thickness and diameter have been developed and tested specially during the trainings of dogs of large breeds weighting over 45-50 kg.  With the right bite, PULLER withstands various force. It’s important to note that training in pulling or jumping is necessary in the light of security measures. A large dog can simply “drop” person because of recklessly. So it’s better to begin trainings and develop them with such large breeds as the Central Asian sheep-dog, the Russian black terrier, mastiff, Bordeaux mastiff, the bullmastiff, etc. together with the skilled trainer.

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