A lot of articles, instructions, and feedbacks were written about trainings with PULLER. At the same time, there can be questions.

How to throw PULLER right? How to use two rings at the same time? How can I teach the dog to jump rightly and without injuries? How to plan trainings and give your dog necessary load, so it can fully recover before the next training?

It’s better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. On this page, you can find the best video reviews and video lessons about organizing the most effective trainings with PULLER.

Dog Fitness Tool

The uniqueness of the PULLER is that it is able to provide the necessary workout and at the same time a dog owner will not spend more time on training. Just 3 simple exercises for 20 minutes, are equal to 5 km intensive run or 2-hour lesson with an instructor on the training ground. You will be surprised at how quickly, with regular exercises, the problems associated with your dog will recede into the background. Moreover, these exercises will develop all muscle groups, the dog will quickly improve physical condition and look just fine!


PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool, designed by professional dog experts. Due to the lightweight, soft and lasting material, that is absolutely harmless for dog’s jaws, PULLER is the perfect tool for keeping dog in good shape. Set of two rings PULLER was creating to make daily trainings more effective and cheerful at the same time.

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